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What is a TML token?

TML tokens are test tokens designed exclusively for use on the Mintlayer testnet. They serve as placeholders for real ML tokens in a simulated environment, allowing users to interact with the network for testing and educational purposes. TML tokens enable participants to experience staking, governance, and other network functionalities without any real-world financial implications.

Important Disclaimer: TML tokens have no monetary value and are not intended for investment or trading. They are solely for operational purposes within the Mintlayer testnet. The testnet itself is a temporary and experimental platform; it could be discontinued at any time, resulting in the loss of all TML tokens.

What is the Faucet?

The faucet is an online resource that distributes free TML tokens to users participating in the Mintlayer testnet. These tokens help users interact with and test various functionalities within the testnet environment.

How Many TML Tokens Can I Get?

Users can request up to 100 TML tokens per day from the faucet.

Why Do I Need TML Tokens?

TML tokens allow you to participate in various activities within the Mintlayer testnet, such as staking, governance voting, and smart contract deployment, without any real-world risk.

Are TML Tokens Worth Anything?

No, TML tokens have no monetary value and are solely for testing purposes within the Mintlayer testnet environment.

How Often Can I Request Tokens?

You can request TML tokens from the faucet once per day.

If none of the above scenarios fit your specific issue, please follow this link and open a ticket with our support team.